Be honest and never lie to your lawyer or your doctor. Be prepared to take notes because the lawyer has some good free advice that will normally cost several hundred dollars an hour to hear. Follow that advice or get a second opinion, but do not ignore what you are told. The lawyer may not want to take your case and if he or she is busy they will let you know and refer you to someone who can help. “Can Help”, are the key words, say for instance you want the punk down the street castrated for getting your little princess pregnant, that is just not the type solution the law presently follows. However, eighteen years of child support is more in line and according to some people, more effective and painful. Therefore, when talking with a lawyer, please keep in mind there are only a few fixes for almost all problems available to the legal system. I like to tell people money is the universal fix, second is stopping the offending action, and third is putting things back and doing what was agreed. The latter is very rare and the former the most common.

So if you don’t want money the legal system is probably not the right venue for you. I often hear, “we will own them”, I usually say, “well not so much”, when something bad happens and you may have a claim and get a judgment that is still a long way from owning someone, in fact that went out a long time ago. You may only be entitled to what it takes and you can prove, (yes, you have to actually prove it) will undo the wrong you suffered at their hands. So just because you are right doesn’t mean it is worth your time to seek legal remedies. I try and explain that full blown litigation will be a huge pain in the ass and you are paying to gamble and you may lose. The key is to keep an open mind and let the past go and look at future prospects.