The legal system can only do a few things for you. However, it can do a lot, “to you” and none of them are good, so you should avoid litigation if at all possible, yes I am a lawyer. I always try to ask my clients, (when I remember.) What will make you happy? Then we discuss how the system can or cannot help them get what they want. As you expect this is a reality check for my clients and sometime myself.
I usually start by point out that happiness is fleeting and life is 80% daily grind, 10% total disaster, 5% Ok and if you are lucky 5% happiness. Your results may vary. I have found a conversation explaining just meeting the basic human needs can result in happiness and even people with vast resources and time to enjoy them will not necessarily be happy. Unless you appreciate what you have, you will never be happy. The best way I have found to be happy is to share your resources.

Now anyone who has known me since I was a rotten kid, will choke on their laughter because as an older brother and generally larger guy and bully, I have always said “sharing is for the weak.” Anyone not strong enough to hold on to what they want, doesn’t really deserve it in the first place. This also works for those who want something bad enough to fight for it. However, after you get what you want sometimes it loses its luster and appeal and you may see that only the battle is what you wanted, not the prize. This pattern I see repeated often. I frequently use the old adage “be careful what you wish for” I love adages old and new, so get used to it.